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[1.16.4] Equip an armor piece on a player and summon an entity


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Firstly you should update to 1.16.5. Do not use outdated minor versions.

2 hours ago, Ganoss said:

How can I equip an armor piece on a player


2 hours ago, Ganoss said:

how can I summon an entity pls

Create an instance of whatever entity you want, set its position and other properties if necessary, then call World#addFreshEntity.

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    • i saw this in a mod(the code is written in 1.16.5) but is giving me erros, it doesnt find player.playerInfo and playerInfo.playerTexturesLoaded, in the class that was made it doesnt extends anything public static void setPlayerSkin(AbstractClientPlayerEntity player, ResourceLocation texture) { if (player.getLocationSkin().equals(texture)) { return; } NetworkPlayerInfo playerInfo = player.playerInfo; if (playerInfo == null) return; Map<MinecraftProfileTexture.Type, ResourceLocation> playerTextures = playerInfo.playerTextures; playerTextures.put(MinecraftProfileTexture.Type.SKIN, texture); if (texture == null) { playerInfo.playerTexturesLoaded = false; } }  
    • Hi and first of all thanks in advance! I am currently trying to write a mod for Forge 1.18.1 (and upwards, maybe even backport) that needs to load a mod jarfile from a subfolder and I found the net.minecraftforge.fml.ModLoader package/class which I imported in hopes of being able to just queue the jarfile with this I have found this text when hovering over the ModLoader class: but I can't find any information online on what the # in #loadMods could stand for and or how I would use the class. I am pretty new to java and using eclipse tho I think I found my way around things by now! I have previously programmed in several C derivatives but Java is my first object oriented language. If you could help me find the right ressources and / or tell me how to use ModLoader to load a .jar file (I have the surrounding structure for finding the folder etc. already written) I would really appreciate that! Again, thanks in advance - looking forward to getting help :) ~Chaos_02
    • Register your own IRecipeSerializer. It is registered like any other registry entry. However note that you should have as much as possible in the JSON. Don't just have a placeholder JSON file and then hardcode all the logic in code. That defeats the point of datapacks. You'll have to have your own repair recipe then (see above for how to make your own serializer) and override getRemainingItems. If the knife is your item, override hasContainerItem and getContainerItem in your Item class. If the knife is not your item, refer to the section about repairing. Use a GlobalLootModifier.
    • So, im kinda new to modding. Trying to make relatively complicated mod(as I see now, it breaks the api a little bit...), and faced into some problems, especially with crafting. I think I should tell a little bit about my mod, you actually can skip this part, but if you don't get something, i strongly suggest to read this part. The goal i'm chasing is to implement similar food mechanics to TFC classic(1.7.10) mechanics. In a nutshell, it's food with durrability, and when you eat, you consume as much as you need(like if you have a steak and 1 hunger, if you eat it, stake's potential wastes, in case of my mod, it shouldn't). That's it, that's already done(with little bugs thou, but done). Now I have to do crafting somehow, using that items and modify durability while crafting. And it doesn't seems to be easy.     And.. question 1 will be: is it possible to hardcode crafts in 1.16.5? I know.. it's kinda not beautifull, but I really hate the json system. I've made as much crafts as possible by using it, but now, when I need to implement some logic, it's such a headache.   2. This question is about repearing. I mean, placing two damaged items in recipe grid. If you add 2 8/10 items, you'll get just one 10/10 item, and nothing more. I'd like 6/10 item to apear in grid after crafting. 3. Also there should be a recipe for extracting seeds with knife(i don't like to loose knife and whole peace of crop after craft). 4. And the last one. Well, I should change drop of crops if it's broken by special tool. I know, it's possible to do it by adding harvest tools, but I can't modify vanilla crops(maybe only by reflection..). Seems like it's reasonable to use onBlockBroken event, or something like that, but I keep finding deprecated code examples in google, and it doesn't work for me. Maybe there is a better solution.   About crafts.. I tried to figure out how CraftSerializers works, and i think it might be a good solution for that crafting stuff. But don't understand how to bind the serializer to regular minecraft crafting. Tried to read ShapelessRecipe class, but don't understand what happens in mathes, so cant do any assumptions how should I modify it. 
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