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[1.17.1] Replacing leaves on trees / Generating world generation data


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I want to replace the leaves on trees that generate in the world with other blocks. One way I've found to do this is to manually create files in data/minecraft/worldgen/configured_feature that correspond to vanilla's features and replacing the block in "foliage_provider" with the one I want. Doing it manually works well, but it's not convenient to do at a large scale, and obviously has other drawbacks.

I'd ideally use the data generator system, like I do for recipes and loot tables. Unfortunately, there is no built in support for specifically world generation, like there is for recipes and loot tables. I could create the json files if I managed to convert the features to JsonElements, but I don't know how I would do that.

To summarise, I have one objective:

  • Replacing leaves on trees placed in the world by
    • world generation and
    • saplings.

But I would gladly receive help on how to generate json files of ConfiguredFeatures such as Features.OAK.

Thanks in advance!

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19 hours ago, Luis_ST said:

you need to create your own FoliagePlacer, then use BiomeLoadingEvent to loop through the Features, check if the Feature is an TreeFeature then replace the original FoliagePlacer with Reflection or use an AT

Thanks for your reply! I have done it using data generation now. It works well for world generation, and I have realised that I don't care about saplings, so it works well.

For anyone looking to do something similar, I include files to show what I did. They are just a bit hacky and incomplete now, but they can probably easily be generalised.


import static net.anju.larus.data.ResourceLocationUtil.prefix;
import static net.anju.larus.data.ResourceLocationUtil.slash;

public abstract class LarusFeatureProvider<T> implements DataProvider {

    private static final Gson GSON = new GsonBuilder().setPrettyPrinting().disableHtmlEscaping().create();

    protected final Set<FeatureEntry> featureEntries = new HashSet<>();

    private final DataGenerator generator;

    protected LarusFeatureProvider(DataGenerator generator, Registry<T> registry) {
        this.generator = generator;
        for (Map.Entry<ResourceKey<T>, T> entry : registry.entrySet()) {
            ResourceKey<T> key = entry.getKey();
            T feature = entry.getValue();
            JsonElement jsonElement = getJson(feature);
            if (jsonElement != null) {
                FeatureEntry featureEntry = new FeatureEntry(prefix(key.location(), key.getRegistryName()), jsonElement);

    private void addFeatures() {
        for (FeatureEntry featureEntry : featureEntries) {

    protected abstract void modifyFeatureEntry(FeatureEntry featureEntry);

    public void run(HashCache cache) {
        writeFiles(cache, this.generator.getOutputFolder(), featureEntries);

    // Actually write out the tables in the output folder
    private static void writeFiles(HashCache cache, Path outputFolder, Set<FeatureEntry> featureEntries) {
        for (FeatureEntry featureEntry : featureEntries) {
            if (featureEntry.isModified()) {
                ResourceLocation key = featureEntry.resourceLocation;
                JsonElement jsonElement = featureEntry.jsonElement;
                Path path = getPath(outputFolder, key);
                try {
                    DataProvider.save(GSON, cache, jsonElement, path);
                } catch (IOException e) {
                    LarusMod.LOGGER.error("Couldn't write data {}", key, e);

    public String getName() {
        return "Larus features";

    public JsonElement getJson(T feature) {
        if (feature instanceof ConfiguredFeature<?, ?> configuredFeature) {
            Optional<JsonElement> optional = ConfiguredFeature.DIRECT_CODEC.encodeStart(JsonOps.INSTANCE, configuredFeature).result();
            return optional.orElse(null);
        return null;

    public static Path getPath(Path outputFolder, ResourceLocation key) {
        return outputFolder.resolve("data/" + slash(key) + ".json");

    protected static class FeatureEntry {

        boolean modified = false;
        private final ResourceLocation resourceLocation;
        private final JsonElement jsonElement;

        private FeatureEntry(ResourceLocation resourceLocation, JsonElement jsonElement) {
            this.resourceLocation = resourceLocation;
            this.jsonElement = jsonElement;

        public JsonElement getJsonElement() {
            return jsonElement;

        protected void markModified() {
            this.modified = true;

        private boolean isModified() {
            return this.modified;


public class LarusLeavesFeatureProvider extends LarusFeatureProvider<ConfiguredFeature<?, ?>> {

    public LarusLeavesFeatureProvider(DataGenerator generator) {
        super(generator, BuiltinRegistries.CONFIGURED_FEATURE);

    protected void modifyFeatureEntry(FeatureEntry featureEntry) {
        JsonElement jsonElement = featureEntry.getJsonElement();
        if (jsonElement.isJsonObject()) {
            JsonObject jsonObject = jsonElement.getAsJsonObject();
            if (jsonObject.has("config")) {
                JsonObject config = jsonObject.get("config").getAsJsonObject();
                if (config.has("foliage_provider")) {
                    JsonObject mcFoliage = config.get("foliage_provider").getAsJsonObject();
                    JsonObject larusFoliage = larusFoliage(mcFoliage);
                    if (larusFoliage != null) {
                        config.add("foliage_provider", larusFoliage);

    protected JsonObject larusFoliage(JsonObject mcFoliage) {
        JsonElement type = mcFoliage.get("type");
        if (type.getAsString().equals("minecraft:simple_state_provider")) {
            JsonObject state = mcFoliage.get("state").getAsJsonObject();

            // Change leaves
            String mcLeaves = state.get("Name").getAsString();
            LarusLeavesBlock larusLeavesBlock = larusLeavesBlock(mcLeaves);
            if (larusLeavesBlock == null || larusLeavesBlock.getRegistryName() == null)
                return null;
            String larusLeaves = larusLeavesBlock.getRegistryName().toString();
            state.add("Name", new JsonPrimitive(larusLeaves));

            // Transform properties
            JsonObject mcProperties = state.get("Properties").getAsJsonObject();
            transformProperties(mcProperties, larusLeavesBlock);
        } else {
            LarusMod.LOGGER.warn("Unexpected type for MC foliage " + mcFoliage);
        return mcFoliage;

    protected void transformProperties(JsonObject properties, LarusLeavesBlock larusLeavesBlock) {
        if (larusLeavesBlock instanceof LarusDeciduousLeavesBlock)
            properties.add("leafy", new JsonPrimitive("green"));

    protected LarusLeavesBlock larusLeavesBlock(String mcLeaves) {
        switch (mcLeaves) {
            case "minecraft:oak_leaves" -> {
                return LarusBlocks.OAK_LEAVES.get();
            case "minecraft:birch_leaves" -> {
                return LarusBlocks.BIRCH_LEAVES.get();
            case "minecraft:acacia_leaves" -> {
                return LarusBlocks.ACACIA_LEAVES.get();
            case "minecraft:jungle_leaves" -> {
                return LarusBlocks.JUNGLE_LEAVES.get();
            case "minecraft:dark_oak_leaves" -> {
                return LarusBlocks.DARK_OAK_LEAVES.get();
            case "minecraft:spruce_leaves" -> {
                return LarusBlocks.SPRUCE_LEAVES.get();
        return null;



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