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[Solved] [1.17.1] Is there are way to define a client only item state for client animation and other effects ?


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I created a simple steel lighter item, which has a item property "open" with "1.0" or "0.0" to display two different models, see:


This works fine, but I want to change the state in the case the steel lighter is currently selected in the hotbar or not.

I tried the LivingEquipmentChangeEvent which offers exactly the needed functionality, see:


But it seems that the ItemStack from this event is different from the ItemStack which is used for the ItemProperties.register(...), even both should be client side only.

What I tried so far:

  • Using itemStack.getOrCreateTag().putBoolean(...) and itemStack.getOrCreateTag().getBoolean(...)
  • Using a hashmap with <itemStack, boolean>
  • Using a local variable (current version)

A debug of the hashmap with <itemStack, boolean> shows that the itemStack within the ItemProperties.register(...) is different from the itemStack in LivingEquipmentChangeEvent.

So I wonder if there is a alternative event / approach I could use in this case or any other client only item state which I could share between these two events.

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4 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

Check whether the LivingEntity you get is not null and if the ItemStack being rendered is == to LivingEntity#getMainHandItem.

Thanks. Works like a charm. 

Example for the record:

    new ResourceLocation(Constants.MOD_ID, "open"),
    (itemStack, clientLevel, livingEntity, id) -> {
      return (livingEntity == null || !itemStack.is(ModItems.STEEL_LIGHTER.get())
          || livingEntity.getMainHandItem().isEmpty()
          || itemStack != livingEntity.getMainHandItem()) ? 0.0F : 1.0F;


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  • Kaworru changed the title to [Solved] [1.17.1] Is there are way to define a client only item state for client animation and other effects ?

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