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Hi its xXviperiperXx,


i would really appreciate if you all to check out my channel and like it and help it grow. I am 13 years old and come from australia. I work hard on my videos and try to keep my channel grow. Now before you go check my channel out i will give you all the information i will be going to do on the channel and all those sort of things.


Viper, what are you gonna do in your videos?

i will make minecraft, slender, TF2, L4D2 videos and more games that i will get requested on. ;)


What if you haven't uploaded for a while?

Well, if i haven't uploaded for a while, i will try and make a video Asap and hopefully upload it but it might take time to upload, and i might have a schedule to keep the channel updated.


Do You Have Skype,Twitter, Facebook and Twitch?

Yes i do have Skype, Twitter, Facebook and also Twitch. The Link for all of those things will be in my videos and you can check them out and see whats going on.


Will there be rewards and other stuff on your channel?

Yes there will be rewards and other interesting stuff. I have a minecraft server but its private at the moment and working on some plugins but really confused on a plugin Called "RankUp" and hopefully i could make some events and give you rewards.


hope you guys know my channel now and hopefully you can subscribe, share around and sort of things. Thank you for reading and i really do appreciate.


Youtube Channel: xXviperiperXx

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