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It seems forge is broken when it comes to detecting what mod versions are installed


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To clarify further, forge for 1.16.5 (versions 36.2.0 - 36.2.4) has been having problems with mods. You see, I wanted to play an old kitchensink modpack that I made almost a year ago, and it worked perfectly fine. I grabbed the mod files exactly where I left them off and pasted them into the mods folder. However, I got this error when I loaded forge up:


Now to clarify, not only has this worked previously with me back when I played this modpack long ago, I have also attempted to install specified versions of mods mentioned on the error screen, but to no avail.


My theory here was/is that forge is somehow corrupted/broken. To test that theory out, I grabbed my old server files (containing all mods used when firing up this installation of forge, including client side ones since back then I wasn't exactly fluent with minecraft modding) and launched the server successfully. It should be noted that no server-side mods (except performant) were included in my forge mods directory. 


In conclusion, I'm asking for any possible solutions to forge simply refusing to detect that the installed mod versions are compatible with each other. Yes, some 1.16.3 mods (as mentioned in the above screenshot) do work on 1.16.5, according to how I launched it myself. Finally, this wouldn't be a proper forge forums post without including my crash report and latest.log file.


(It's worth noting that since it crashes so early during the pre-loading phase, no other mods show up in the crash report file)


Apologies for any obvious mistakes I may have not noticed while posting this here in advance, if there were any.





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This looks like the result of a bug in Forge where the version requirements of mods were not correctly checked. Some mods "used" this bug, in that they had incorrect dependency configurations, which didn't prevent the game from launching because this bug was present. Now the bug has been fixed, so these incorrect requirements correctly prevent the game from launching.

You either need to downgrade Forge back to the version with the bug (not recommended) or find updates for these mods.

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Apologies for the late reply, but thanks. Turned out the issue was with immersive portals not being up to date with the forge version I was using at the time (mixin changes to be exact). Hope this helps anyone reading this running into this problem, even if its by the slightest

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