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[1.18.1] Spawn Item at a BlockPos


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After clicking a block, I'd like to spawn an item at that location... I currently am using `public InteractionResult useOn(UseOnContext context)` and updating some values on a capability and can easily consume said item - however, when I shift (crouch) click I would like to spawn the item back at that location. (currently, requiring the item to exist in hand)

// I can drop item or spawn at location an item - but this is relation to the player (as it's an entity) using one of the following
player.drop(newItem, false);
player.spawnAtLocation(newItem, 0.2F);

However, `drop` creates an animated hand gesture (like player is throwing something on ground - makes sense, but not what I'm looking for) and `spawnAtLocation` is where the player is not where the block clicked is... I've been looking in Level and everywhere to find a similarly named method - I don't see one. What is the best approach to "spawn an item at a clicked block"


any guidance of where I should start looking would be appreciated, happy to do the exploring and learning just needing a little nudge in the right direction

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