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[1.18.1] Prevent mob (living entity) from attacking / moving

Adil Yilan

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I am trying to implement "stun" mob effect which would prevent living entity to move or attack.

For prevention of attack I have used LivingAttackEvent like this:

    public static void onAttacked(final LivingAttackEvent event) {

        // Get source of the damage.
        DamageSource damageSource = event.getSource();
        // Get reference to entity that caused the damage.
        Entity entity = damageSource.getEntity();

        // IF: Entity is not alive.
        if (!(entity instanceof LivingEntity)) {

        // Cast entity to mob.
        LivingEntity mob = (LivingEntity)entity;
        // Get reference to level where entity is living.
        Level level = entity.getLevel();

        // IF: Code is executing on the client side.
        if (level.isClientSide()) {

        // IF: Mob does not have stunned effect applied.
        // Cancel the event - prevent mob from doing anything.

However this does not work as expected as mob still makes the attack but damage is not done so it does not really look like a stun - it's more like its damage is reduced to 0.

I have managed to totally block mob by canceling LivingUpdateEvent - but that has other side effects as living entity is not updated with anything - can't be damaged, can't be hit/burn by sun - basically it becomes immortal. :D

I have also tried with LivingSetAttackTargetEvent but this event can't be canceled. :(

Is there a way to just stop entity from making an attack?

Same question regarding the movement - is there a way to stop living entity from moving?


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Maybe I am doing this the wrong way?

Is it feasible to remove AI from the mob while the effect has duration?

I.e. remove AI goals responsible for wandering and attack?

I guess I will have to deal with players and mobs differently?

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15 hours ago, Adil Yilan said:

Same question regarding the movement - is there a way to stop living entity from moving?



You can just set the x and z delta movement to zero. But don't change the y delta movement, otherwise the entity wouldn't fall on the ground if the block under it is removed.

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Sorry if my Posts are weird sometimes, I just try to help and learn as much as I can :D

Also: PLEASE use SPOILERS for logs!

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