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(1.16.5 MCP) spawn particles like a laser


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You're going to need to spawn multiple particles.

You can use a for-loop for that.

Pseudo code:

for (int i = 0; i < detail /* how much to spawn */; i++) {
	world.addParticle(/* Particle info goes here ... */, /* X: */ (destX / detail) * i);

(That won't actually work you will need to make your own adjustments

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    • From some testing it seems to have been due to my spawn.json from incontrol. I find it odd though since it didn't do much, if anything. It seems to have caused, not only a crash, but stopped new worlds from being created(it froze at like 0%).
    • After a lot of digging, I've concluded the best way to go about this is not combining textures, as that is impossible during runtime, but to add a render layer. I've been trying to understand how the rendering works, but I don't know what buffers are, like this one in HorseMarkingLayer: public void render(PoseStack p_117058_, MultiBufferSource p_117059_, int p_117060_, Horse p_117061_, float p_117062_, float p_117063_, float p_117064_, float p_117065_, float p_117066_, float p_117067_) { ResourceLocation resourcelocation = LOCATION_BY_MARKINGS.get(p_117061_.getMarkings()); if (resourcelocation != null && !p_117061_.isInvisible()) { VertexConsumer vertexconsumer = p_117059_.getBuffer(RenderType.entityTranslucent(resourcelocation)); this.getParentModel().renderToBuffer(p_117058_, vertexconsumer, p_117060_, LivingEntityRenderer.getOverlayCoords(p_117061_, 0.0F), 1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F); } } If this is a Java question, let me know, but any help is appreciated!
    • This is not a forge issue. You have a problem with your java installation. You should reinstall it, but java 7 is very old. Too old for the currently supported forge versions, 1.16.5 needs java 8 and later versions need java 16 or 17 Curseforge has an option in the minecraft java settings to automatically download and use a java version that is suitable for the version of minecraft used by the modpack. Enable that and see if it fixes your problem. 
    • I have CurseForge for Minecraft Mods, and in the start I download RlCraft and all was okay but, one day I tried to download another modpack and just said this: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-D0XHOP1c7Ss/VhKcuLaPJgI/AAAAAAAAD5k/5DOku_KUG0E/w1200-h630-p-k-no-nu/JVM%2BError%2BEclipse%2BJava.png I tried to enter the file that said there, but I can't (maybe not exist and that is the problem) I don't know how to fix it Also, when I just "accept" it installs the mod pack and when I tried to play it appear the same and when I "accept" for a second time It starts minecraft but in minecraft said that occurred an error (Error: 1) and can be a problem of java files. So I just don't know what to do. HELP!!
    • If you can reproduce the problem somewhere else, post the log from when you try to place the block. It might show an error or other useful information.
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