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Scyllas Rock (Beta)


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Scylla's Rock is gearing up for a large update this spring, revamped new player welcome areas, application process, cosmetics (including dancing armor stands, particle effects, join/leave messages, and much more).


1.18 support is expected to be released for new chunks March 20, 2022, as well as a world border expansion for new areas to be generated in.

Beta is expected to end on June 21, 2022. This will include a new world!



We're looking for beta players as well as a full staff team including:


We're looking to recruit a full staff team including

  1. Developers ( Player)
  2. Lead Developer (Player)
  3. Web developers ( Player)
  4. Community Managers / Event Planners ( Player)
  5. Marketing staff ( Player)
  6. Admins (Player)
  7. Moderators ( Player)
  8. World painter ( Player, but may not complete a lore quest first nor assist others)
  9. Builders ( Player)
  10. Lore-Writers ( Player, but may not complete a lore quest first nor assist others)
  11. Entity Designer ( Player)
  12. Artist ( Player)



To apply join our please first post your application on this forum using the template provided below. Next join our discord, fill out a player whitelist application using our google forum, and notify @whitelist that you've posted on this forum. Those who do not follow these directions will not be considered for staff.










Check out our Discord: https://discord.gg/xSkanQb6Kn


Why us?

Our project is entirely Non-For-Profit, meaning we're not trying to scam players into buying crazy loot-boxes or wasting their money. We hope to build a real, sustainable, and healthy community. Additionally, we've been in beta for almost a year now, and aren't going anywhere!
Our staff is a team, and we listen to each-other and our community to make decisions and decide what direction to take the server.

For all staff, I have agreed to assist our lead developer with my own skill set by offering all staff resume reviews and mock interviews - I am a graduate student in a relevant field (IO Psychology & MBA dual major) as well as having worked as a recruiter.



For those who code Java or C for the server, our lead developer has offered to do code review or answer questions for those looking to learn or improve! He's a talented Computer Science major and very patient.


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