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Setting clientTrackingRange to adequate value

Adil Yilan

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I have created several entities that work properly but there are few things that I am not sure I understand correctly when it comes to EntityType.Builder.

One of those things is how to set clientTrackingRange to adequate value.

I have checked Forge documentation, various tutorials, looked for usage in Minecraft source code, but can't really find anything that would give me 100% sure explanation on how to set value properly.

Fox, Cat, Bee have it set to 8, but Cow, Sheep, Wolf and Pig have it set to 10... Is it because they can be tamed and follow the player?

Why is Zombie set to 10 but Skeleton to 8?

I would really like to get proper understanding of this parameter, so any hints are really welcomed, including articles that I can read on my own. :)




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