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Need help, error while joining newly setup modded server

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Hello, I am getting this error when connecting to a new forge world I'm working on. All of the mods match and the server boots perfectly fine. The server log just shows the reason for disconnect as "Disconnected". I've logged out and logged back in, ensure compatibility of all mods, set the server settings to default, restarted it probably a dozen times. Apart from removing each mod to see if one of them is causing this, is there anything else I should try first?


The specific error is basically impossible to Google because of it's length.


Failed to connect to the server

Internal Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "java.util.function.BiConsumer.accept(Object, Object)" because "codec.messageConsumer" is null



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It shows you attempting to connect. Then no error whatsoever is shown and another connection attempt happens (without the previous one even ending, according to the logs). The same thing happens with the 2nd connection attempt (it does not end), then the game is shut down.

Please start the server with -Dforge.logging.mojang.level=debug and post an updated server debug.log.

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I actually resolved this by removing the Obfuscate mod. For some reason it was clashing with the Framework mod and sending the login into loops. Still investigating but everything seems to work fine when that mod was removed. Thank you for your help! 

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