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Recruiting for a Minecraft group: the Sea Blooded Pirates


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I'm recruiting members for a Minecraft group known as the Sea Blooded Pirates! This group is a community I'm making to become notorious all across Minecraft. There are many servers out there where there are economies, wars, factions, etc. as well as servers where it is part of the server to loot and raid bases/player towns. This is mainly where we would operate. Even if there is no raiding whenever we want, we can still create a black market economy.

So that doesn't explain it very well, but what do we do?

First of all, this is not a hack group*, and we do not operate in certain servers that aren't made for this type of thing. Our goal is create a large community that will work together to lay claims in multiple different servers at a time, with the possibility of a crew member being elected the leader of a group to do our "business" in that server. This can range from anything from pillaging towns, starting a black market, working as mercenaries, starting bases for the Sea Blooded Pirates, or all of the above.

We will have a dedicated discord server, ranks/ability to rank up, rewards for loyal members, events and activities, active leadership, and everything to keep crew members engaged and happy. But right now, I need as many members as possible to make this work. This isn't necessarily a RP thing, although if that's what you feel like doing with another member by all means go ahead, but it does have a pirate theme and the whole pirate thing is just fun.

So leave your discord as a reply to this thread, or add me at ZenithZ3RO#1412, and DM me if you're interested.

*With 2b2t and other servers of the sort as an exception

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