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[1.16.5] Custom minecart overrides are not working


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Posted (edited)

I changed the class to this:

public class TestCartItem extends Item {

    private final RegistryObject<?> registryObject;

    public TestCartItem(RegistryObject<?> registryObject, Item.Properties properties) {
        this.registryObject = registryObject;

    public ActionResultType onItemUse(ItemUseContext context) {
        World world = context.getWorld();
        BlockPos blockpos = context.getPos();
        BlockState blockstate = world.getBlockState(blockpos);

        if (!blockstate.isIn(BlockTags.RAILS)) {
            return ActionResultType.FAIL;
        } else {
            ItemStack itemstack = context.getItem();

            if (!world.isRemote) {
                RailShape railshape = blockstate.getBlock() instanceof AbstractRailBlock ? ((AbstractRailBlock) blockstate.getBlock()).getRailDirection(blockstate, world, blockpos, null) : RailShape.NORTH_SOUTH;
                double yOffset = 0.0D;

                if (railshape.isAscending()) {
                    yOffset = 0.5D;

                TestCartEntity cart = new TestCartEntity((EntityType<?>) this.registryObject.get(), world, (double) blockpos.getX() + 0.5D, (double) blockpos.getY() + 0.0625D + yOffset, (double) blockpos.getZ() + 0.5D);

                if (itemstack.hasDisplayName()) {


            return ActionResultType.func_233537_a_(world.isRemote);


The error disappeared but still no cart is spawning...


EDIT: I pushed to the repo again

Edited by J3ramy
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You are spawning your cart entity at 0, 0, 0. While you are passing in the desired x, y and z coordinates to the constructor, the constructor entirely ignores them. The cart is therefore at the default position (0, 0, 0) and you are forcing it to spawn in a potentially unloaded chunk, which will create weirdness. Even if the chunk is loaded, the entity will immediately die due to being in the void.

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Posted (edited)


I changed the constrcutor to

public TestCartEntity(World world, double x, double y, double z) {
        super(ModEntityTypes.TEST_CART.get(), world);
        this.setPosition(x, y, z);


Actually, now the cart is kinda there. If I place it on a rail and place another block (e.g. dirt) there, the dirt block disappears, which indicates that the cart is more or less there.



I changed the super call to

super(EntityType.MINECART, world, x, y, z);


And now it works perfectly fine. But now the registration of the custom entity type seems useless to me? Is it the "correct" solution or is it weird?

Edited by J3ramy
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The overrides in TestCartEntity are working when I use EntityType.MINECART in the constructor super call.

If I change it to ModEntityTypes.TEST_CART then there's the weird "bug" that it gets placed but its not visible/clickable

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