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[1.18.2] Making a slippery block

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the friction seems to just speed me up or slow me down, i think its something to do with the ICE and ICE_SOLID materials, but i have been looking for ages and still cant find how they actually affect slipperiness.

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17 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

The creation of Blocks.ICE calls BlockBehavior.Properties#friction with 0.98F.

it only makes me faster. the actual gradual speeding up and slowing down doesnt happen.

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Posted (edited)

after BlockBehaviour.Properties.of(Material.STONE, MaterialColor.STONE) i added .friction(0.98f), thats what the ice block does when registered.

it just speeds me up when walking on it

Edited by KaboomRoads
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you'll probably want to do it manually.

to slow down the player or speed them up you'd normally override stepOn if the block is a full cube block or entityInside if it's not a cube.

but if you want some loss of control too, maybe you want to respond to keyboard event (don't remember the name) and mess up the input if the player is above your block (you don't want instant changes of direction).

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