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Minecraft (only on forge) crash with exit code 1 on startup

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Memory: 4k page, system-wide physical 8145M (157M free)
TotalPageFile size 32721M (AvailPageFile size 113M)
current process WorkingSet (physical memory assigned to process): 2538M, peak: 3183M
current process commit charge ("private bytes"): 12898M, peak: 14338M

The crash says you only have 157M free physical memory (of 8145M not 16G?) and 113M free swap memory (of 32721M).

It currently has 2538M physical memory allocated but it wants to allocate approx 1.4G more memory which is not possible with only 157+113 = 270M available


# Native memory allocation (mmap) failed to map 1509949440 bytes for G1 virtual space

You probably need to close down other programs while running minecraft to free up memory.

I would not recommend running java programs with large amounts of swap memory, it can cause lots of lag when memory needs to paged to and from disk.

Your command line says you allocated 6G for java heap, but you obviously haven't used all that yet. You could also try reducing this value.




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