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[1.19] Creating new overlay gui


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I'm trying to do a overlay gui with images (only images, no strings), to do a health bar, like a typical MMORPG overlay gui, but I'm not finding any references on vanilla to do it, so, i would like to know what class to extend, or any vanilla code to check

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Mhh, I don't know how it really works, i'm trying with OverlayRegistry, ForgeIngameGui and Gui, but don't get it.


All I have is that:

https://ibb.co/VxhzPwy to create my overlay

https://ibb.co/P1FMVf9 and that's my GUI class with my gui delimited


I've tried to do something like this like ForgeIngameGui: https://ibb.co/HrpCWt8 but I can't create a new protected void render

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17 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:
  • Do not store the Minecraft instance in a field. Minecraft is already a singleton.

Done, tnxs


17 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:
  • You need to learn the basics of Java, specifically the difference between static and non-static members.

Ya, i know that it needs to be static, but i cant call "blit" method if it's static 

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If it helps, I did something similar recently.

This is the overlay class, implementing IIngameOverlay:


Here's my overlay registry class, which triggers at the same time I register blocks and items and whatnot:


And here's where I turn the overlays on and off (it's triggered by RenderFogEvent because it happens concurrently with some fog stuff, but this is a little hacky.)


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