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what do u think about to create a board with the most asked questions and answers about forge? like why people should not use mcpatcher or modloader, ..... etc


do u get, what i want to explain? this could clean up the bug forum, cuz many people mostly ask the same questions ... 


then u/we dont have to answer every question, people can look up the common causes for their problems

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The main issue with this is that there's already an FAQ for the most part. It's on the Wiki. Click here to go to it.


The next big issue with this is the laziness of a lot of the people coming to ask questions. They don't bother to search for the answers at all, even though the answers are right in front of their faces. It's a contradictory laziness, yes, but they can't know that until they're pointed into the right direction.


I fear that even if the F.A.Q. were posted here on the forums, it'd get ignored as easily as the "Read this or you may get banned." sticky. The number of people who ignore that post altogether completely boggles my mind. lol :P

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A nice system to have would be one that asks a random question from the FAQ and requires the correct answer before new accounts can post.

That should get people reading it and maybe finding the answer themselves ;D

It'd have to be the really easy questions though, not some of the more complex ones, as otherwise it could turn people away going "aaahhh! This is so complicated!"

The above views are my own. You can agree, and be correct, or disagree with them, I don't mind.


P.S: you'll be wrong if you do :)

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