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[1.19] [SOLVED] Render mini entites inside block entites like spawner


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I have a block entity and a block entity renderer class. I want to render an entity inside block and I am kinda able to do that. When I first placed the block everything works fine. But when I save & load back the world entity is gone. How I can save the entity on server-side or render entity without spawning it. I need some answers how I can do that?

Block Entity Class

package com.fantalatone.mobblocks.block.entity;

public class AnimatedCageBlockEntity extends BlockEntity {
    public Entity insideEntity;
    public String insideEntityType;

    public AnimatedCageBlockEntity(BlockPos pPos, BlockState pState) {
        super(ModBlockEntities.ANIMATED_CAGE_BLOCK_ENTITY.get(), pPos, pState);

    public static void tick(Level pLevel, BlockPos pPos, BlockState pState, AnimatedCageBlockEntity pBlockEntity) {
        System.out.println("ENTITY->\n"+ pBlockEntity.insideEntity + "\n");
    protected void saveAdditional(CompoundTag tag) {
        tag.putString("insideEntity", this.insideEntityType);

    public void load(CompoundTag tag) {
        this.insideEntityType = tag.getString("insideEntity");


Base Block Class

public class AnimatedCageBlock extends BaseEntityBlock {

    private final String entity;

    public AnimatedCageBlock(Properties pProps, String type) {
        this.entity = type;

    public BlockEntity newBlockEntity(BlockPos p_153215_, BlockState p_153216_) {
        return new AnimatedCageBlockEntity(p_153215_, p_153216_);

    public void setPlacedBy(Level p_49847_, BlockPos p_49848_, BlockState p_49849_, @Nullable LivingEntity p_49850_, ItemStack p_49851_) {
        AnimatedCageBlockEntity e = (AnimatedCageBlockEntity) p_49847_.getBlockEntity(p_49848_);
        e.insideEntityType = entity;
        e.insideEntity = ForgeRegistries.ENTITY_TYPES.getValue(new ResourceLocation(this.entity)).create(p_49847_);

        super.setPlacedBy(p_49847_, p_49848_, p_49849_, p_49850_, p_49851_);

    public <T extends BlockEntity> BlockEntityTicker<T> getTicker(Level p_153212_, BlockState p_153213_, BlockEntityType<T> p_153214_) {
        return createTickerHelper(p_153214_, ModBlockEntities.ANIMATED_CAGE_BLOCK_ENTITY.get(),

    public RenderShape getRenderShape(BlockState p_49232_) {
        return RenderShape.ENTITYBLOCK_ANIMATED;

Renderer Class

public class RendererAnimatedCageBlock implements BlockEntityRenderer<AnimatedCageBlockEntity> {

    private final BlockEntityRendererProvider.Context context;
    private final EntityRenderDispatcher entityRenderer;

    public RendererAnimatedCageBlock(BlockEntityRendererProvider.Context ctx) {
        this.context = ctx;
        this.entityRenderer = Minecraft.getInstance().getEntityRenderDispatcher();

    public void render(AnimatedCageBlockEntity tile, float partialTicks, PoseStack stack, MultiBufferSource bufferIn, int combinedOverlayIn, int combinedLightIn) {
        final BlockRenderDispatcher dispatcher = this.context.getBlockRenderDispatcher();

        dispatcher.renderSingleBlock(Blocks.WHITE_STAINED_GLASS.defaultBlockState(), stack, bufferIn, combinedOverlayIn, combinedLightIn,
                ModelData.builder().build(), RenderType.cutoutMipped());

        stack.translate(0.5f, 0f, 0.5f);
        stack.scale(0.75f, 0.75f, 0.75f);

        if (tile.insideEntity != null) {

            float f = 0.53125F;
            float f1 = Math.max(tile.insideEntity.getBbWidth(), tile.insideEntity.getBbHeight());
            f *= 1.5f;

            stack.translate(0.0D, (double)0.4F, 0.0D);
            stack.translate(0.0D, (double)-0.2F, 0.0D);
            stack.scale(f, f, f);

                    0.0d, 0.0d, 0.0d,
                    0.0f, 0.0f, stack, bufferIn, 15);


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You don't want to store data in your Block like that. The whole point of the BlockEntity is to store data.

What you are missing is networking code to send the server's block entity state to the client. e.g. when the game reloads the data




If you don't post your logs/debug.log we can't help you. For curseforge you need to enable the forge debug.log in its minecraft settings. You should also post your crash report if you have one.

If there is no error in the log file and you don't have a crash report then post the launcher_log.txt from the minecraft folder. Again for curseforge this will be in your curseforge/minecraft/Install

Large files should be posted to a file sharing site like https://gist.github.com  You should also read the support forum sticky post.

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