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[tip] Less duplicate ingots (verified 1.2.5)


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i have been experimenting to lower the amount of duplicate ingots caused by having multiple forge mods


the answer was actually quite easy once i found it


minecraft handles items diferent from blocks, if you assign 2 blocks to the same ID it gives an error

if you do the same with items though, it overwrites the first item with the second


this overwrite quirk is what i used to my advantage, i assigned the bronze, tin and copper ingots from both forestry and IC2 to the same item ID's

the result is that both forestry and IC2 give & use that same item without any troubles, no matter if the ore is smelted or macerated!


Note: I tried having redpower combine to, but because redpower uses metadata for its ores this was unfortunately not possible



this little trick should work for any other duplicate items that do not rely upon metadata



WARNING: if trying this trick with items that have special left/right-click coding, this might cause your minecraft to crash! so backup saves before trying this with such items!

Being noobish since 96, being dumb since birth!

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using the ore dictionary does not really solve the issue with multiples of the same ore existing, it just makes it possible to use them all


this little trick effectively makes the mods use the same item as the ore, meaning you no longer have 2+ half-filled stacks of 'tin' or 'copper' in your chests/inventory



i never actually considered trying to have the item-id of a non-dictionary ore the same as that of a dictionary ore....

from the top of my head i think that might actually 'cheat' the mods ore to be usable by mods that do support the dictionary though...

(unfortunately it does not automaticly work in reverse! :P)

Being noobish since 96, being dumb since birth!

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Or, modders could just use the Ore dictionary.

I know RailCraft does this with the Track.

But yeah, the ore dict is better than just plain overwriting other people's stuff.

So, what would happen if I did push that shiny red button over there? ... Really? ... Can I try it? ... Damn.

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@lex: its not exactly an ID conflict when its not conflicting now is it? :P


as to turning off the ores, i find that relying only on IC2 ore gen while having multiple mods relying on those ores makes it a lot less enjoyable to play as you need to mine a much bigger area to get enough ores to make decent progress



personally, i dont enjoy the constant mining needed to make any progress when you have so few ingots compaired to mods using them

Being noobish since 96, being dumb since birth!

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How exactly is having one item overwrite another not conflicting?

Things may not explode right away no. But I'm sure modders would fuck something up and expect oen things from the item that isnt there if it's overwritten.

Like reading the item from the list and trying to cast it to it's internal class, for example.

Either way, advocating id conflicts is still retarded.

Modders just need to learn to work together.

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