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Item Pedestal.

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I am currently developing a mod based on the popular game, 'The Binding of Isaac'. I am having a little bit of trouble adding the item pedestal. What I need is a block or tile entity which renders a randomly selected item from a range of item id's which is added to an inventory slot in the pedestal. It would also be good if I can swap out the item in the inventory and for it to render the current item. I hope this makes sense and any help would greatly be appreciated. Many thanks, Tom.

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How would I use the EntityItem class? I've been looking into it a little, but I don't know how I would use it. Would I need to take some code and add it to, lets say, BlockPedestal.class? I am still learning how to mod, so if you could try and explain what and how to do things, that would be great.

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