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Ingame Overlay?

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Hi, I am looking for some help with adding an overlay to the game, something like the health bar. I have tried looking through "GuiIngame.class" but it looks complicated and I don't understand it to well. At the moment, I have:


And that works, but I was looking for something that resembles:


And when one of your stats changes, one or more of the little bars change. I would create the textures myself, but I just need to know how to render them and for the changes to take place.

If anyone would kindly walk me through what I am asking for, of send me to a useful tutorial, I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks, Tom.

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Use RenderGameOverlayEvent.

Then check that your data is accurate on client side. Use packets if it is not.


There are multiple methods for rendering "bars" or the like.

You can decide to render only part of a "full" image depending on the data value, where the "full" image contains image at max value.

Another method would be to render "small" image multiple times, as a multiple of the data value.

Of course you can use alpha channel, and multiple render passes too.


The choice is yours.

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GotoLink's absolutely correct. Just do what he says and you'll be fine :)


Check the Forge Wiki for a generic tutorial on Gui Overlay: http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Gui_Overlay


It's quite good and deals with getting images to display on the screen, rather than just text, which should be enough to get you started.

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Also, if you want to look at a working implementation of the "bars", I have a mana bar that I drew in one of my mods, feel free to take a look at it: https://github.com/ModderPenguin/MinePG/blob/master/source/minepg/rpg_common/rpg/client/gui/GuiManaBar.java

I am Mew. The Legendary Psychic. I behave oddly and am always playing practical jokes.


I have also found that I really love making extremely long and extremely but sometimes not so descriptive variables. Sort of like what I just did there xD

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