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[1.19.4] I have a slight issue regarding placed features.

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Hello, in 1.19.4-45.0.40, I'm using the RegistrySetBuilder class to add a method that has a parameter ConfiguredFeature<?, ?>>. However, I'm unable to add it successfully. But in version 45.0.39, I was able to do it without any problems. Do you happen to have any solutions to this issue?

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I have completed everything you mentioned, and here is an example from GitHub: https://github.com/Tutorials-By-Kaupenjoe/Forge-Tutorial-1.19.3/blob/7-treeGeneration

I would like you to look at the two main classes as follows:

ModConfiguredFeatures, located in the package net.kaupenjoe.tutorialmod.worldgen

ModWorldGenProvider, located in the package net.kaupenjoe.tutorialmod.datagen

If you're using version 1.19.4-45.0.39 without updating to 45.0.40, the mentioned code works fine. However, if you switch to version 45.0.40 and try to add the method ModConfiguredFeatures::bootstrap, there will be an immediate issue. It seems like it cannot accept a method with a parameter as an instance, but it can still work properly with an instance that doesn't have an instant parameter, such as BootstapContext<PlacedFeature>.

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On 6/2/2023 at 7:50 PM, ChampionAsh5357 said:

Can you define method that has a parameter in this context? Do you mean your registry object holds a configured feature instance? If so, then your registry must be a datapack registry.

It seems like I made a slight mistake. Now I am able to use it properly. I didn't thoroughly check the data pack and it seems like there was a bug in the error checking of the IDE I was using. I don't blame anyone for this confusion. However, I can still build it even though the IDE is still indicating errors.

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