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Role of ClientProxy and CommonProxy classes?


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Hello Forge people,


I have had a very hard time understanding the role of the Common Proxy and Client Proxy Code that are frequently recommended in Forge Modding tutorials.


The code I'm referring to goes in the Main mod file that looks like this:


@SidedProxy(clientSide = "mymod.proxies.ClientProxy", serverSide = "mymod.proxies.CommonProxy")

public static CommonProxy proxy;


These refer to pretty much empty java classes named "ClientProxy" and "CommonProxy"


I have gone blindly forward and included them in my mod, but they don't seem to be doing anything.

When I remove them, nothing happens... Everything still seems to work fine!


So my questions are:

1. If they can be removed with no consequences, what exactly are those classes doing?

2. Am I making a rookie mistake by removing them?


Thanks in advance!

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The SidedProxy system allows you to call client-only code from common classes. For example: Your Item class exists on both client and server. But any rendering code only exists on the client, so you can't call it from your Item (because that would crash on the server). So you make a method in your Proxy that does the rendering stuff on the client (ClientProxy) and does nothing on the server (CommonProxy). That way you only ever reference the CommonProxy.

Also: CommonProxy and ClientProxy are the worst names for these things. Nothing about the CommonProxy is "common". Also I would name the thing Environment.

Neither should ClientProxy extend CommonProxy.

The way I personally do it is make an interface "MyModEnvironment" which contains all the methods. Then make a ClientEnvironment and a ServerEnvironment. On the server side your proxy field will be filled with the ServerEnvironment, on the client it will be filled with the ClientEnvironment.

Hope that makes any sense :D

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Typically, the name 'Common' is used because the client and server are integrated.

So the normal setup is 'ClientProxy extends CommonProxy' with almost every function calling it's super. So the server part gets called as well as the client part.

Hence.. common. But yes, this is, if you use it correctly, a pretty elegant way of dealing with the fact that Minecraft is obfusicated, and stripped. Meaning that a lot of classes/fields/functions don't exist on one side or the other. As long as you wrap those functions in your proxy you should never have a ClassNotFoundException or NoMethodException.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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