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Can't Import 1.12.2 Forge MDK Into Eclipse Workspace

Yezen Suroor

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My advice to you, use Intelij IDEA. 

User Interface: IntelliJ IDEA has a more modern and sleek user interface compared to Eclipse, making it easier to navigate and use. The overall user experience is generally considered to be better in IntelliJ IDEA.

Performance: IntelliJ IDEA is known for better performance and efficiency. It handles large projects more smoothly compared to Eclipse.

Code Navigation and Refactoring: IntelliJ IDEA's capabilities in code navigation and refactoring are quite superior. This can be very helpful when working with complex Minecraft mods.

Gradle Support: Both IDEs have good Gradle support, which is essential for Minecraft Forge modding. However, some users find IntelliJ IDEA's integration more intuitive and reliable.

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