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Unlocking a Hidden Secret Trick in Minecraft


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Unlocking a Hidden Secret Trick in Minecraft


Hey fellow Minecrafters!

Today, I'm excited to share a secret trick in Minecraft that will add a touch of magic to your gameplay. This trick is not widely known, so let's dive right in and explore the steps to unlock it.

Secret Trick: The Ender Pearl Cannon

Materials Needed:

1 Ender Pearl

1 Bow

1 Obsidian Block

1 Redstone Dust

1 Lever


Gather Your Materials: Start by collecting all the required materials: an Ender Pearl, a Bow, an Obsidian Block, Redstone Dust, and a Lever. Make sure you have them in your inventory.

Create the Cannon Base: Find a suitable location where you want to build your Ender Pearl Cannon. Place the Obsidian Block as the base of your cannon. This block is essential for its durability.

Build the Cannon: Stack another Obsidian Block on top of the base, leaving space in the middle. This will serve as the barrel of your cannon.

Redstone Setup: On one side of the cannon, place Redstone Dust on the ground leading away from it. This will be used to trigger the cannon.

Attach the Lever: Connect a Lever to the Redstone Dust. When you flip the lever, it will send a signal to the Redstone Dust, activating the cannon.

Prepare the Ender Pearl: Load your Ender Pearl into the Bow. To do this, right-click (or left-trigger) with the Bow in your hand while having the Ender Pearl selected.

Fire the Cannon: Stand in front of the cannon and activate the Lever. The Redstone signal will activate the cannon, launching the Ender Pearl with great force.

Experience the Magic: As the Ender Pearl flies, it will teleport you to its landing location upon impact. This can be used for quick escapes, strategic moves, or just pure fun!

Remember to exercise caution when using the Ender Pearl Cannon, as it can lead to unexpected surprises. It's an exciting trick that adds a new dimension to your Minecraft adventures.

Have fun experimenting with this secret trick and surprise your friends with your newfound Minecraft knowledge. Happy crafting!

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