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[Fixed] Unable to Play on any Modpack Version 1.7.10, Black Screen

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I can launch and access the menu of any 1.7.10 modpack, however as soon as I try to join either a multiplayer or single-player world, the screen shows some hotbar slots for a second or two, then turns "black." I put quotations around this because if I "look around", which shouldn't be possible, the screen changes to a single different color, what I can only assume is the color of the block I'm looking at. I can hear audio, and if I hit esc I can access the "menu," which isn't there, and click buttons. I have managed to click the disconnect from server button, however, the screen turns brown (the color of the Minecraft loading screen) for a second then goes black, and I can do nothing else. The mods are installed through the curseforge launcher, and I'm on a laptop. There are no exit codes or crashes. I can also successfully launch vanilla and more modern versions of Minecraft with mods, not sure about what version it specifically starts working/failing.


Things I have tried/checked:

Java version: currently on version 20. I tried going back to version 8, nothing changed.

Uninstalling/reinstalling: I have reinstalled the modpack many times.

Anti-virus: I've disabled any anti-virus that could have been working.

RAM: Dedicated 8gb of ram to minecraft.

Drivers: I've reinstalled my graphic drivers and made sure they were up to date.

I've maybe tried a few other things, I forgot because I've been trying to make this work for a few hours. Any suggestions, even stuff that I might've already tried but maybe incorrectly, would be very much appreciated. Thanks for any help

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