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Forge 47.2 Minecraft 1.20.1


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Forge version: 47.2.0
Minecraft version: 1.20.1


Since the release of our first recommended build for MC 1.20.1, the release policy for recommended builds has changed - we now aim to release new recommended builds for fully supported MC versions more frequently - as long as there's a reasonable amount of changes since last recommended build. 

While there were some unintentional bugs on latest builds for 1.20.1 after the first release build, these have all since been fixed and do not affect this release. This second release build introduces new features and bugfixes.


  • Allow modders to unregister their LazyOptionals. Closes #8805
  • Added Action value to PlayerInteractEvent.LeftClickEvent to expose what action fired the event. #9175
  • Added LivingMakeBrainEvent, to allow a consistent way for modders to manipulate entity Brains. #9292
  • Add LivingSwapHandItemsEvent
  • Re-add in-game mod menu (#9652)
  • New hook in IClientBlockExtensions to handle enabling tinting on breaking particles. #9446
  • Make the FireworkShapes enum extensible (Closes #9486)
  • Add `EmptyEnergyStorage` (#9487)
  • Support IPv6 address compression for logged IPs
  • Add PlayerSpawnPhantomsEvent, utilized to block or forcefully allow PhantomSpawner to spawn phantoms (#9644)
  • Add option to advertise dedicated servers to LAN.
  • Particle Description Data Provider.
  • Add LivingBreatheEvent and LivingDrownEvent (#9525)
  • AlterGroundEvent for modifying block placement performed by AlterGroundDecorator (#9637)
  • Add GuiGraphics helpers for blitNineSliced and blitRepeating that support specifying a custom texture size (#9641)


  • Keep order of sources in PackRepository (#9702)
  • Fix DelegatingPackResources searching resource path twice (#9697)
  • Fix `Level` leak in debug HUD (#9699)
  • Fix PlayerSpawnPhantomsEvent not being fired (#9689)
  • Add a config option to restore the calculate all normals behavior in case some setups require old broken behavior. (#9670)
  • Fix rounding errors on models with 45 degree normals by favoring one Direction (#9669)
    • Should fix flickering issues when breaking custom models and having our vanilla solution disabled.
  • Moved ForgeHooksClient.onCreativeModeTabBuildContents to ForgeHooks to fix #9662
  • Fix tag removal functionality that broke during the 1.19 update. Closes #9053 and #8949
  • Replace string with forge tag in vanilla recipes. Closes #9062
  • Fix breaking overlay flickering on campfires by using vanilla method to calculate block normals. (#9664)
  • Cleanup usages of static imports and build script so that our build doesn't spam useless error like messages.
    • So that it is easier to see real errors.
    • Add compatibility checking to standard testing tasks.
  • Fix parameter names in IForgeDimensionSpecialEffects.adjustLightmapColors to better describe what they are. (#9656)
  • Fixed FluidUtil#tryFillContainer returning invalid result when simulating #9358
  • Reduce the filesize of the installer by 3.5MB(!)
  • Fix conflicting keybindings not having the correct click count set. #9360
  • Fix the Emissive Rendering for Experimental Light Pipeline (#9651)
  • Fixed AdvancementsScreen.java.patch buttons not rendering (#9649)
  • Properly Handle Fluid Updates while in a Boat #9428
  • Fix invalid index when ticking itemstacks in a player nventory by adding a new onInventoryTick event. Closes #9453
  • Make item name rendering and status bar rendering respect additional gui overlays being rendered by mods (#9648)
  • Fix creative mode screen not correctly using CreativeModeTab::getTabsImage (#9627)
  • Change ProjectileHitEvent to return a result instead of being cancelable. Closes #9642
  • Replace static import with regular one to fix S2S and non-official mappings. (#9633)
  • Add missing null check for TagsProvider#existingFileHelper (#9638)
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