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Helpful resources on extending JCuboidPart [Multipart modding] or Notch block.


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Alright so I've been working on a mod for awhile now. I have been without Internet and going from vending machine to vending machine to power up my laptop so I haven't been able to do much research. I am obsessed with ForgeMultipart's capabilities. I've tinkered with my mod and currently working on breaking it apart into the proxies for what I'm assuming is more efficient rendering and resource management of these blocks.


I seem to have the very basics down on using JItemMultiPart to create items from parts, but it is half assed. Most mods out their that use Multipart seem to use JCuboidPart and are utilizing blender models to actually fill the block space. I am familiar with blender models and may try this approach, but I'd rather get a much more basic multipart.


My goal is to make a notch like from the microblock classes. This will be a notch that will be a tileentity so it will be utilizing the tilemultipart if I'm correct. The reason for this is because I want to utilize a different texture based on how many of this notches are connecting and from where. I don't need help with the logic of that right now as it is a big project for my final result.


My question is there has got to be some simple way to create the basic notch from block that utilizes the grid placement. I see some of those functions, however I seem to have more trouble getting an actual notch block than trying to make an ItemPart.


I've searched github for code that extends JCuboidPart and really only seem to find chicken's wireless redstone mod as well as project red, both mods utilize multipart well, but they use it to display the multipart as a model and such and its way to complex for my learning experience.


Also, I have a question to help optimize the mod later on. I'd rather design the multiparts in notch blocks but may utilize a model in place of one of the notices to create more of a pointed notch, unless this is a capability of JCuboidPart that can create the dimensions from code. The basic end result is a bunch of notches working together with a wedge or pointy tip.


I'm not a greedy guy and plan to put my mod up on github so others can learn from whatever I've done.



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