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    • Any further advice would be appreciated
    • I have the problem, that nothing is happening. I have the loader and the model in the blockstate.json: (if I remove the model property it just renders as the default black/pink block) { "variants": { "": { "loader": "gates:gate_placer_loader", "model": "gates:block/gate_placer" } } } But my GatePlacerModel class is never called. ModelLoader: public class GatePlacerModelLoader implements IModelLoader<GatePlacerModelConfiguration> { public static GatePlacerModelLoader INSTANCE = new GatePlacerModelLoader(); @Override public void onResourceManagerReload(IResourceManager resourceManager) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub } @Override public GatePlacerModelConfiguration read(JsonDeserializationContext deserializationContext, JsonObject modelContents) { return new GatePlacerModelConfiguration(); } } ModelConfiguration: public class GatePlacerModelConfiguration implements IModelGeometry<GatePlacerModelConfiguration> { @Override public IBakedModel bake(IModelConfiguration owner, ModelBakery bakery, Function spriteGetter, IModelTransform modelTransform, ItemOverrideList overrides, ResourceLocation modelLocation) { return new GatePlacerModel(overrides); } @Override public Collection getTextures(IModelConfiguration owner, Function modelGetter, Set missingTextureErrors) { Set<RenderMaterial> texs = Sets.newHashSet(); if (owner.isTexturePresent("base")) texs.add(owner.resolveTexture("base")); if (owner.isTexturePresent("all")) texs.add(owner.resolveTexture("all")); return texs; } } Model: public class GatePlacerModel extends BakedModel { public GatePlacerModel(ItemOverrideList overrides) { super(false, false, false, null, overrides, null, null); // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub } @Override public List<BakedQuad> getQuads(BlockState state, Direction side, Random rand, IModelData extraData) { if(extraData.hasProperty(GatePlacerTileEntity.MIMICED_BLOCKSTATE_PROPERTY)) { BlockState mimiced = extraData.getData(GatePlacerTileEntity.MIMICED_BLOCKSTATE_PROPERTY); IBakedModel mimicedModel = Minecraft.getInstance().getBlockRendererDispatcher().getModelForState(mimiced); return mimicedModel.getQuads(mimiced, side, rand, extraData); } else { return super.getQuads(state, side, rand, extraData); } } } Inside of my block i have this method: @Override public ActionResultType onBlockActivated(BlockState state, World worldIn, BlockPos pos, PlayerEntity player, Hand handIn, BlockRayTraceResult hit) { ItemStack activeStack = player.getHeldItem(handIn); if(activeStack.getItem() instanceof BlockItem) { Block block = ((BlockItem)activeStack.getItem()).getBlock(); ((GatePlacerTileEntity)worldIn.getTileEntity(pos)).setMimicedBlockState(block.getDefaultState()); // notify for block update, so the new mimiced block is synced in the tileentity class worldIn.notifyBlockUpdate(pos, state, state.with(MIMICED, Boolean.valueOf(true)), 2); return ActionResultType.SUCCESS; } return ActionResultType.FAIL; } Am I doing something wrong?
    • oh I thought i just needed onUsingTick. also I looked over your code and I don't want my Gun/Bow shooting bullets like a snowball I want it to actually shoot like a real ak47 as i said before
    • Yeah, there is. Just try looking in the general discussions a little bit more. It seems there is a lot of stuff going on in old discussions.
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