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Client side only entities.


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With the client/server split I am having a little trouble knowing where to put my code. I am building a mod that lets players see their creations from schematic files in-game and can help them place the blocks in the correct locations to build large complicated projects when access to the raw map files are not available (like in a multiplayer environment). I have figured out that I am going to represent these planning blocks as entities (I call them "EntityGhostBlocks" due to their opacity not being set to 100%). This lets me not worry abut block replacement code and I keep the in-memory chunk block list pristine and in sync with the server. When a real block gets placed on the entity I remove it.


The issue is I wanted to set this up so a player could use this on a multiplayer server without any server side mods installed. My question is how do I get these entities to show up and be able to manipulate them on the client but not have them sent to the server?

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i have a theory of how you might be able to , it would be extremely hacky though as you would need to force the client side chunks to display your ghost blocks. the problem is it would have to some how change the communication between the client and server some how forcing the display. i think their is a cache of the chunks that are loaded , so you'd have to edit that on the fly before the render pass i think.


all just theory but the mod sounds great, hope you can get it working , and if not let me know i'll try to after i finish my current mod project

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The problem is that most of the block hooks (like onBlockActivated) aren't called on the client any more. You just don't get the feedback there. So unfortunately, I think that is not possible.


Of course they get called in client world.



Do not register your entities and just spawn them in your clientworld, and no one would see them except of you.


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Im also confused since 1.3


im having 2 entitys:

1 is a human one and its working fine.

The other one is a animal and that one isnt working anymore. Its now invisible for some reason (it was working fine with 1.2.5)


my Model, Render and Entinity files are in the common folder.



I also tried to implement IAnimal to the entityanimal. its getting visible then but its rendering as a human model O.o



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