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Modded Minecraft Server crash (Datapacks also included)


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Hello, I hope you have a good day

As the title states, I've been encountering a problem on the server that my friends and I are playing on: Several crashes occur occasionally and I don't know where to start looking into the problem.

The server is on Minecraft 1.20, with datapacks and mods included.

The mods we use are:

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    • Al-Improvements-1.20-0.5.2
    • alexsmobs-1.22.4
    • citadel-2.4.1-1.20
    • dungeons-and-taverns-v2.1.2+ [Forge] (2)
    • DungeonsArise-1.20.1-
    • explorify-v1.3.0-mc1.20u1.20.1
    • InventoryProfilesNext-forge-1.20-1.10.3
    • ironchests-5.0.0-forge
    • jei-1.20-forge-
    • journeymap-1.20-5.9.7-forge
    • kotlinforforge-4.6.2-all
    • liblPN-forge-1.20-3.0.2
    • lootr-1.20-
    • MODS Part 1
    • MODS Part 2
    • MouseTweaks-forge-mc1.20-2.25
    • preview_OptiFine_1.20_HD_U_15_pre5
    • Structure 1.20.1_v1.3.2
    • YungsApi-1.20-Forge-4.0.2
    • YungsBetterDungeons-1.20-Forge-4.0.3
    • YungsBetterMineshafts-1.20-Forge-4.0.4
    • YungsBetterStrongholds-1.20-Forge-4.0.3
    • YungsBridges-1.20-Forge-4.0.3


Datapacks used:

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    • [1.20] Wither Soldier DP by CMD-Golem v3.zip
    • better-nether-mobs-v6.4-datapack.zip
    • blazeandcave-s-advancements-pack-1-16-3-e2630 (1).zip
    • cavernous-r-v1-0-2.zip
    • craftable-elytra-datapack.zip
    • CraftSound_for_1.20.zip
    • Dungeons+ V1.8.4.zip
    • enchantment-plus-v2-2.zip
    • From-The-Fog-1.20-v1.9.2-Data-Resource-Pack.zip.zip
    • illager-fortresses-v13-for-1-20.zip
    • lunarevents.zip
    • No-Lag (1).zip
    • qraftyfied.zip
    • Reds_More_Structure_v1.0.8_C.zip
    • Ships 3.0.1 for 1.20.zip
    • Structory_1.20_v1.3.3.zip
    • thebastionoverhaul-v1-0.zip
    • treecapitator-v3-0.zip
    • trueending_v1.0.1_1.20.zip
    • worldtool-0-6-1.zip


I will host the last 3 crash reports, which occurred within 1 hour, for better help:

Link to the crash-reports

Please any help or knowledge on the subject, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for your attention

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37 minutes ago, TileEntity said:

Same issue if you set max-tick-time to -1 in the server.properties?

Hii, thanks for your suggestion.

In the research I did on the subject previously, I came across a suggestion similar to what you said. Its problem is that it opens doors so that the world can end up becoming corrupt. =(

You see, Watchdog It is a server component that is used to measure ticks over a period of time and it crashes to prevent save corruption.

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5 minutes ago, TileEntity said:

Create a test world and make some tests without mods - start without mods like

explorify, alexsmobs and AI-Improvements

I'll do that, it's a good idea.

I will also try to monitor the performance with the Spark mod to see if there is any specific area that is causing a delay in saving the tick.

Again, thank you for your time trying to help me.

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After analyzing it and using Spark as an aid, I saw some things that could help me.

As for creating a single player world to find the problem when removing mod by mod (or datapack by datapack), I didn't get many results. Unlike the server, in my world, there was no lag, drops or even crashes. The problem must probably be something else, I thought.

Already actively on the server, I uninstalled some additional datapacks (such as From the Frog, Qraftyfied, Reds More Structures, etc...)

The most notable thing that I noticed while using Spark is that the server presents random long ticks (some up to 2000% above normal), I thought it was the constant TP between dimensions that my friends and I used simultaneously at times (which increased the tick time), but it wasn't enough to add seconds and crash. I still haven't been able to find the cause of the problem, that's why I started uninstalling the datapacks.

Apart from me not finding the problem, apparently the server stopped crashing after I removed the datapacks and gave advice to my friends on the issue of teleports between worlds. But I still can't be sure that it won't crash when there are more players online, because ticks randomly take longer to generate at times, even when there is no chunk generation.

I'll leave a screenshot of the profiler that I created during 12 hours and 30 minutes on the server:

Print Screen - prnt.sc

As you can see, the MSPT (milliseconds per tick) presents a somewhat strange incongruity.

Thank you for your attention

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21 hours ago, Paint_Ninja said:

Consider upgrading to 1.20.1 - it came out about a week after 1.20 and is a lot more stable for modding as it's still maintained. All existing 1.20 mods and worlds should work on 1.20.1

I'll do that and leave a backup just in case. Thanks for the sugestion.

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