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    • My Wolf Armored and storge mod crashes forge 1.12.2 Any help plzzzz
    • Hey lads. I've got an interesting one here. I have put together a collection of mods to play with my friends using techniclauncher. The pack loads successfully on techniclauncher and the server I'm running with all the mods also seems successful. The crashes come when two or more players are near each other at the same time. Obviously this is a problem since we'd like to play the pack together. We deduced the obvious; that the server was trying to detect if an entity had consumed a forbidden fruit every tick and crashing us to save itself some RAM. We tried disabling the forbidden fruit in Enigmatic Legacy's config files, but our games still crashed when we got on the server together. I'd like to point out that everything is perfectly stable until another player logs onto the server.   These crash reports are from after we disabled the forbidden fruit in each of our config files (including the server's). ReaLord's crash: https://pastebin.pl/view/9ad0d914 Tvvvvvvvvvv's crash: https://pastebin.pl/view/e9dd78bc   If there's any more information needed, I can readily give it over. Is there any way to fix this crash without removing Enigmatic Legacy? It's a cool mod, so we don't want to get rid of it. Thanks.
    • I see two broken mods, did you try removing them?
    • Hmm... well then in that case I don't understand why whenever I removed OptiFine from my game entirely it still persisted. And I always see all these YouTubers such as the people on HermitCraft using OptiFine in the most recent versions of Minecraft, yet whenever they enter boats in their episodes their hunger bar still remains on the screen. Can somebody at least tell me if there's a way I can make it not disappear because based on literally everything I've found on the internet it just seems wrong lol. I have watched numerous Minecraft YouTubers use OptiFine in 1.16 and this is the very first time I am encountering this. And so far I have yet to see it anywhere else. Idk maybe I'm just going insane.
    • hey uhh, anyone else on chromebook know how to install mods? I got forge and optifine installed but that was with the help of a youtube vid and I can't find any videos for other mods.
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