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[1.20.1] Custom Seed for Custom Dimensions?


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I'm making a modded server with some friends in a few weeks, where we're going to be adding mods after starting. To make it so we don't have to run thousands of blocks, I wanted to make a custom dimension mod that will let you create a new overworld that would get deleted in an hour after being made. However after looking into the creation of custom dimensions, there's a few problems:

  1. There can only be one instance of a dimension at a time. If I wanted multiple dimensions, they all have to be seperate.
  2. A dimension uses the seed of the world, meaning that once the dimension was deleted, it would have the exact same generation upon regenerating.

I have a solution for 1, but problem 2 is the big one. My first idea is that I can somehow set the seed of the custom dimension to something different each time, but from my research I couldn't find anything in 1.20.1. Is this true, or is there a way to set the seed?

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