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A Unique SMP

IP: Cloud-SMP.com


Hello! We are thrilled to show you our SUPER unique Minecraft server!

Quick note before you start reading about our unique server, (The server is only 4 weeks old)

Do you like survival? Do you enjoy SMP? Do you want a unique SMP experience? We do too! Join our super unique server but with twists, New things happen on the server every minute. Trading, quests, and soon dungeons, competitions, events, making friends, and many more! You can find over 500+ quests, daily quests, factories, deliveries, custom items. Player-shops. It is a really super unique server with loads of custom GUI's. Everything is made custom!

If you are in a rush, feel free to click the links below to get started, or, you could allow us to tell more about ourselves before making your decision.


▶ Quick Links


Discord: https://discord.gg/hgEt7q2S


▶ About Us & Values


We play in a beautiful minecraft world that is designed specifically for our needs, by our own staff and players. Player built shopping district with ingame money based economy, creating possibly the most immersive experience you can have in a SMP.

The True Unique Server Experience.

The Cloud-SMP is fully committed to bring the best unique experience that we can offer. From fully hand building everything in the world to hands on economy trading, all of the gameplay is committed to be in survival mode.


Cloud-SMP is not only a place for Minecraft but many more. People often find the community as a sanctuary to form friendship, learn more about themselves, or a place to showoff their talents! We care the well being of each member and enjoy making new friends.

Dedicated Staff Team

The Cloud-SMP server is lead by a team of talented staff that are very experienced in running unique servers. All the staff are Minecraft veterans who take the game seriously. Although the staff are sometimes busy with enforcing rules, you will always see them roaming on the map enjoying the game to its fullest. Feel free to stop by their bases and say hi~


Our server is dedicated to share our vision with members and grow along with them. We deeply value the opinion of players and if the suggestions are supported by the community, we will implement.


▶ What's in 1.20.2 Cloud-SMP?


Improved Shopping District is one of the biggest projects. While the trading system remains relatively the same, the shopping district is now separated into floating island tiers which allows more shops to be open by players.

We have multiple worlds such as ”Mining” ”Nether” ”Overworld” ”The End”. And soon dungeons!

1.20.2 has just arrived in Cloud-SMP. Our server is always up to date with updates and aims to bring the newest experience. In each version update, we introduce big changes that are associated with the update to make the world more lively and sometimes mysterious.



▶ Rules


These are the two most important rules that we value. More rules can be found in our discord.

Treat all players with respect & follow chat etiquette.

No cheating, no duping.

Kind regards, Erik. Or The Cloud-SMP Staff & Players.

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