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EthereaLoreMC. Nations, Wolrdbuilding, Civilizations, Roleplay [Java / bedrock compatible] [Nations] [Roleplay] [Worldbuilding]


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So if your reading this you most likely have some interest in minecraft nation building, roleplay, world building, pvp or something of that sort. I honestly cant hope to describe the entirety of what this server is on this post but I will damn well try my best. 

EtherealMC is a server all about simulating a medieval fantasy world in the game of minecraft. Everything is run and influenced by our players, with nations, guilds, market places, mercenary companies, crime syndicates, and so much more. Anything you can dream of doing in a fantasy world is possible here, you can form a nation with your friend's, create a thriving market place and dominate the economy, perhaps commandeer yourself a ship and make your living as a pirate on the high seas, if you can imagine it with time and effort you can make it possible! We highly encourage all forms of roleplay and worldbuilding and already have many nations, cultures, religion's, guilds, and the sever hasnt even released yet. We also acknowledge those who enjoy wars and conflict with a completely custom and fleshed out war system with everything from sieges to naval battles. 

Now all ive talked about so far is the potential for what players can do, or more acurately what you can do. Lets get to what the server actually adds that makes it unique from everywhere else, now I should add this is all done in vanallia minecraft with no mods! So you dont need to download anything for all this amazing custom content. We have added custom weapons inspired by medieval times with spears, cutlasses, glaives, great axes, longswords, daggers, javalins, and so much more! We have also added custom biome generation with a total of 80+ custom biomes that make this world truly look stunning! Along with this we have added custom mounts! The horse and cammel are a little too limited for our taste so we have decided to add a ton of other custom mounts to ride around on! Some are better for transporting goods while others are built for war. Speaking of war we have a war system like no other that I have breifly touched on earlier, its pretty expansive so feel free to join the discord and give it a read if your interested in that! There is a lot more minnor custom stuff that I just dont have space to talk about here like custom brewery features and even music! So if your interested even a little I highly encourage you to join the discord you wont regret it!

So join the discord! Make a nation! Mabye join one? or perhaps create a guild and dominate the markets! Or just join and roleplay as your character as they interact with out unique and amazing world!

TLDR: Minecraft world completely run by the players with nations, guilds, and all other sorts of organizations. You can make your own nation or organization or join one. Also a lot of custom features like custom weapons, mounts, war systems, brewery, and music.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/etherealoremc

Trailer link: https://youtu.be/27R1Q5utWIE?si=eXhcEzRhS9pV8zOv

Release date: December 16th

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