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[1.8] Mine World Mod

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Hi everybody, my name is Minehendrix and today i'm going to show you my mod :D Mine World is my first mod and it tooks 3 months to be programming the first version because of university, but it's finally here! Actually is in beta but it will update with more stuff. So, where's the mod you say? The mod can be found here:




This mod adds some cool features such as new ores, biomes, structures, tools, armors, weapons, mobs and dimensions. It's currently in beta, so each update can be very unstable unless the beta release.

Every 1 or 2 weeks there will be a new snapshot, a small update for the final beta release that let you know what will be included and help me to find bugs or changes to do if you report that in the comments here . Hope you enjoy my mod and support me by reporting all the bugs and silly stuff ;) Stay tuned guys! :D



So please, enjoy my mod here (the latest update camed out):



[This link will automatically update when a new version will coming out, so stay tuned there].

It's free, it's funny (i hope so) and it's large yet (remember is not complete!). So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the community of Mineworld today! :D


PS: if you are italian you can follow the mod development here on my blog :D


Don't blame me if i always ask for your help. I just want to learn to be better :)

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