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Any time I swap from 1.7.10 to 1.20.1 or above my game crashes on start


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So I have 2 modpacks that I really enjoy playing, one on 1.7.10 and another on 1.20.1, and at one point I took a break from 1.20.1 to play the one on 1.7.10 (note: this was the first time I've done this, as the 1.20.1 modpack was made quite recently). The 1.7.10 one ran fine. Then, I went back to 1.20.1 and the game crashed as soon as it started. I asked for help on the forum and managed to fix it by downloading Java 17. Then I did it again (I didn't know that switching between versions was causing it at the time) and this time, changing to Java 17 didn't work. So instead I updated my drivers and that fixed it. I recently did it one last time to be absolutely certain that it was switching between versions that caused it, and now Minecraft Forge 1.20.1 crashes on open again. I also tried 1.20.4 (which is in beta I think) and that didn't work either. Only now, I've reinstalled the driver, and uninstalled and reinstalled Java 17, and neither worked.

Here's the latest log and the debug.log on PasteBin in case any of you wanted to see it:






So, I have 2 main problems.

1. Since neither method of making my game open again works, does anyone have an idea on how to fix it?

2. Is there any way to switch between versions without causing this issue?



Quick Update, I no longer need help with the first problem. I completely uninstalled Minecraft and all of it's source files (after making backups of course), and then reinstalled it. It took a while and was a lot of work, but it fixed the problem. I still need help on the 2nd issue though, I don't wanna have to go through this every time I wanna play 1.7.10

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Forgot to put debug.log link in there
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