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Problems with the source attachment **FIXED**

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Ok, so I finally finished my new Modding workspace with gradle, everything works fine. Except one thing: Sometimes eclipse doesn't show the source of a Minecraft class. For example: If I open the


class, it tells me that the source attachment doesn't contain the source file for this class.


as a counter-example works perfectly fine. I've looked at the source jar with 7Zip and ItemPickaxe.java is definitely there. Any hints?




run the following....

gradlew clean cleanCache setupDecompWorkspace --refresh-dependencies

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This is a known issue.... Took a while to find  fix.. but one ha been found.. I just havent implemented it yet.

When it IS found.. youl need to clear your cache, and setup again.

Yeah, I very well remember your answer from IRC :P

Thanks again.

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