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    • Not exactly. The texture for the item shall be handled as always and then I want to add a layer with another texture with the things mentioned above.  But I guess the things you told me should help, so I'm going to try it. Thank you for now - I write again, if I have more problems
    • In you encode you are writing data from the instance of the packet class to the buffer that is going to be send to the client/server. In decode you are reading the data of the buffer, and pass it into the instance of the packet class which is what handle() will receive and proceed with it.
    • I'm sorry. I'm still not familiar with network systems. I've read the documentation and some commentary over and over again to understand the rough mechanics (which allows the server / client to exchange data with each other via packets), but specifically which method does what. I'm not sure what it is (what the encode and decode are doing, which method is actually passing the data, etc.) ... if you like, I'll explain it in detail. Could you please?
    • My Wolf Armored and storge mod crashes forge 1.12.2 Any help plzzzz
    • Hey lads. I've got an interesting one here. I have put together a collection of mods to play with my friends using techniclauncher. The pack loads successfully on techniclauncher and the server I'm running with all the mods also seems successful. The crashes come when two or more players are near each other at the same time. Obviously this is a problem since we'd like to play the pack together. We deduced the obvious; that the server was trying to detect if an entity had consumed a forbidden fruit every tick and crashing us to save itself some RAM. We tried disabling the forbidden fruit in Enigmatic Legacy's config files, but our games still crashed when we got on the server together. I'd like to point out that everything is perfectly stable until another player logs onto the server.   These crash reports are from after we disabled the forbidden fruit in each of our config files (including the server's). ReaLord's crash: https://pastebin.pl/view/9ad0d914 Tvvvvvvvvvv's crash: https://pastebin.pl/view/e9dd78bc   If there's any more information needed, I can readily give it over. Is there any way to fix this crash without removing Enigmatic Legacy? It's a cool mod, so we don't want to get rid of it. Thanks.
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