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Some suggestions to make Gradle usable

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Hi, i tried gradle the other day (had to infact as i was trying the latest forge) I really dont like it, instead of moaning i figured it better to say what i would like to see to added to it that would make it as good as the present dev environment setup(granted present dev environment is a reletive term as we all have somewhat different ones)


1) you need to have the minecraft src available to easierly read and access the same as the mcp methods of old, this is hugely important, its by reading this src we learn how to do the stuff we want to do. For example in my mod i needed the speech synth to only output to those around the speaker, so i looked at how the beacon works to understand the bounding box better, with out the src code sitting there in eclipse that would not of been possible. I believe this will lead to a lot of questions on here that could be easier answered by a search through of the source code. 


2) multiple projects in one eclipse work space, really dont like the idea of having to have multiple work spaces for multiple mods, i often reference how i have done something in one mod to implement it in another, and for when you are making mods that are addons to your main mod its damn near essential


those are the two issues, if these are fixed it will be at-least as good as the present method, i personally dont see what was wrong with the present method and i will be honest, i see gradle as a step backwards rather then forwards. I dont say this to hurt the feelings of anyone thats worked on it and i mean no offence, i am very grateful to forge as with out it and the team that work on it i would not be able to mod at all, so please take this as constructive criticism from a user not an attack.



**edit realised i originly posted this in the wrong topic, the original post has now been removed ooops**

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Thank you that fixed 1

for 2 ...well i shall have to wait for a guide on that as from what i can see gradle uses the one workspace to build and that workspace cant be moved, but number 1 was the major one so again thank you.

is annoying that we will have to recreate the folder for each new forge version now :( my old set up all i had to do was delete the old forge folder, download the new one, run install then load eclipse and let it do its thing.....dead simple :( oh well ill get used to it again no doubt

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Two things to note:

  • You have 2 folders: One eclipse folder, this is your main workspace. There is no source code in this folder! Then you have the project folders for your mods, each containing a build.gradle file. These project dirs must not be anywhere inside the eclipse folder. Then you setup the gradle workspace, point eclipse at the (still empty) eclipse folder and import the projects. This way you can have as many projects as you wish in one workspace. This is the layout described in the pinned forum post.
  • It is exactly opposite of how you say it. Before gradle you had to delete the forge folder, redownload forge and re-setup everything. With gradle, all you do is change the forge version in your build file and let gradle rebuild the workspace.

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