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[SOLVED] Import(s) not resolving / Project setup?

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Hello swarm intelligence,

For some context... I have been trying to develop a Minecraft Forge Mod for 1.20.1 (Forge mdk Version 47.2.20) for three weeks now...

In theory everything works. Code (at least from my understanding) works, I always get 'BUILD SUCCESFUL IN ... ' when setting up the workspace..

Now I think that's where my problem lies. But I do not know what I am doing wrong. 

Using what-feels-like every tutorial (including the forge documentation) out there to setup my workspace, the example mod compiles and builds, but as soon as I create a new class (or even change something in the main class; add new code that requires new imports) being told by IntelliJ that

  • Cannot resolve method 'getDistanceSq(PlayerEntity)' [or any other Method, that requires an input]
  • Cannot resolve symbol 'PlayerEntity'
  • etc.

or when using Eclipse...

  • PlayerEntity cannot be resolved to a type [and probably related: The import net.minecraft.entity cannot be resolved]
  • world cannot be resolved or is not a field
  • etc.

I am starting to question my sanity since I feel like I did everything I could...
Yes, I have got a JDK installed (17, added to %PATH% and JAVA_HOME, tried different)
Yes, I used .\gradlew --refresh-dependencies (multiple times)

I have even setup the same thing on a fresh setup VM... still no success... 

Now if I am doing a rookie mistake, I'm sorry for wasting your time..
But if you could point me to what I'm doing wrong, or anything that might resolve this I would be so thankful


Thanks in advance


(Heres the code, if interested)


// here was a package declaration, bevore I uploaded this here

import net.minecraft.client.Minecraft;
import net.minecraft.entity.player.PlayerEntity;
import net.minecraft.util.math.BlockPos;
import net.minecraft.util.text.StringTextComponent;

import java.util.List;

public class DistanceCalculator {

    public static double getSumOfDistancesToNearbyPlayers() {
        // Get the Minecraft instance
        Minecraft minecraft = Minecraft.getInstance();

        // Get the player controlled by the mod
        PlayerEntity player = minecraft.player;

        // Get all players in the world
        List<PlayerEntity> players = minecraft.world.getPlayers();

        double sumDistance = 0;

        // Iterate over all players
        for (PlayerEntity otherPlayer : players) {
            // Check if the other player is within 50 blocks range
            double distance = player.getDistanceSq(otherPlayer);
            if (distance <= 50 * 50) { // Compare squared distances to avoid expensive square root calculations
                sumDistance += Math.sqrt(distance);

        return sumDistance;

    public static void displaySumOfDistancesToNearbyPlayers() {
        double sumDistance = getSumOfDistancesToNearbyPlayers();
        Minecraft.getInstance().player.sendMessage(new StringTextComponent("Sum of distances to nearby players within 50 blocks: " + sumDistance));

    private double calculateWeight(double distance) {
        // (2.718^(0.13*distance))-1
        double calculatedWeight = -1;
        calculatedWeight = Math.exp(0.13 * distance) - 1;
        return calculatedWeight;


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6 minutes ago, Maartin853 said:

Hi, im having same issue, but it is my time creating mode, can you help out and explain more?


Make sure you installed a correct jdk for your forge mdk version. Make sure your JAVA_HOME and %PATH% environment-variables are setup correctly. (If you're on windows)

  1. I downloaded an example forge mdk for my version and extracted the contents to a folder I'm working in
  2. Using Eclipse, I opened Eclipse and imported an existing gradle Project
    (with its root directory in the folder directory which I previously extracted my contents to).
  3. Waited for Eclipse to do its thing
  4. After it having finished, I ran genEclipseRuns, setupDecompWorkspace and setupDevWorkspace (Gradle Tasks > your mod name here > forgegradle) 


If it still didn't work (and you're using Eclipse) run cleanEclipse and, in a command prompt 


./gradlew build --refresh-dependencies

Also If I recall correctly, someone, somewhere said that the way you setup your workspace changes depending on your Minecraft Version. I did this in 1.8.9.

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