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Need Help Finding Incompatibility in Huge 300+ Modpack PT2

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12 hours ago, TileEntity said:

Remove reach_entity_attributes

Where would I find that? in the mods folder? or somewhere else?

I don't see that in my mods folder, only entity_texture_features_forge_1.20.1-4.6.1, entity_model_features_forge_1.20.1-1.1.0,entityculling-forge-1.6.2-mc1.20.1, maybe its a thing related to one of those? I'll try looking into where reach_entity_attributes is or what it is

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2 hours ago, TileEntity said:

Same issue - remove all Fabric mods and keep the Forge mods with Connector/Forgified Fabric API


If this works, add the fabric mods one by one or in groups until you find the one causing this issue

IT WORKS! Thank you SO MUCH! :D

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12 hours ago, Ender45 said:

some incompat or something like that with connector and fabric API, the fabric versions don't work with connector either so it must be a compat issue, thank you for the help!

actually no, I tested vs and eureka together with connector and it works, but added to the modpack it crashes with vs, I hate to ask you this but can you further assist me? log: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Tv765gbZ6C/

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1 hour ago, TileEntity said:

Yes - it should be a fabric mod

That's weird connect, fabric api, and valkyrien skies and eureka work alone in a folder, when I add them to the modpack it crashes, I don't have any of the other fabric mods in

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