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Exception ticking world, server crash error


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Hello, I am experiencing the following error once an hour and sometimes two hours, does anyone know what might cause the crash? Is it a mod that is causing it or is there a mod that can fix that?

Server Forge version: 1.20.1

Forge: net.minecraftforge:47.2.20


JVM Flags: 24 total; -Xms128M -Xmx16384M -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:+ParallelRefProcEnabled -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=200 -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions -XX:+DisableExplicitGC -XX:+AlwaysPreTouch -XX:G1HeapWastePercent=5 -XX:G1MixedGCCountTarget=4 -XX:InitiatingHeapOccupancyPercent=15 -XX:G1MixedGCLiveThresholdPercent=90 -XX:G1RSetUpdatingPauseTimePercent=5 -XX:SurvivorRatio=32 -XX:+PerfDisableSharedMem -XX:MaxTenuringThreshold=1 -XX:G1NewSizePercent=30 -XX:G1MaxNewSizePercent=40 -XX:G1HeapRegionSize=8M -XX:G1ReservePercent=20 -XX:G1NewSizePercent=40 -XX:G1MaxNewSizePercent=50 -XX:G1HeapRegionSize=16M -XX:G1ReservePercent=15


- fightorflight-forge-0.5.3.jar

- BadMobs-1.20.1-19.0.2.jar

- netherportalfix-forge-1.20-13.0.1.jar

- NoChatReports-FORGE-1.20.1-v2.2.2.jar

- architectury-9.1.13-forge.jar

- accelerated-decay-forge-3.0.1+mc1.20.1.jar

- ferritecore-6.0.1-forge.jar

- balm-forge-1.20.1-7.2.1.jar

- Terralith_1.20.4_v2.4.11.jar

- memoryleakfix-forge-1.17+-1.1.5.jar

- cloth-config-forge-11.1.106.jar

- kffmod-4.10.0.jar

- Cobblemon-forge-1.4.1+1.20.1.jar

Error: https://pastebin.com/XKNM1Ak5

Stacktrace: https://pastebin.com/GESmmB4s


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Could be a mod not playing nice, or maybe a couple of them are butting heads. Have you tried the old "one out, test, repeat" method to see which mod's causing the fuss? Sometimes it's just about finding the one that's throwing the party off balance. And those crash logs might have some juicy details, so give them a good look.

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