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The Model Doesn't Register

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Im trying to register model for my item but it doesn't works.
First I Created a class where i declared all my items.

public class ModItems {
	public static final List<Item> ITEMS = new ArrayList<Item>();
	public static final Item MY_ITEM = new MyItemClass();

Then I created the MyItemClass where i describe my item.

public class MyItemClass extends Item {
	public MyItemClass() {

And The i created a class where i was trying register the model and where i registered my item

public class EventsHandler {
	public void registerItems(RegistryEvent.Register<Item> event) {
		event.getRegistry().register(new MyItemClass());
	public static void onRegistryModel(ModelRegistryEvent event) {
		registryModel(new MyItemClass());
	private static void registryModel(Item item) {
		final ResourceLocation regName = item.getRegistryName();
		final ModelResourceLocation mr1 = new ModelResourceLocation(regName, "inventory");
		ModelBakery.registerItemVariants(item, mr1);
		ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation(item, 0, mr1);

The registerItems method just registers my items. Then im catching ModelRegistryEvent to register my model. And in the last private method im registering models.
In The game iitem still has purple-black cube instead of texture. I dont forgot to create the models\item folder and my_item.json file

im sorry if this text has a grammatical errors. My english is very low  

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Hey, for getting your model to show up in Forge, double-check the way you've set up your model registration. Sometimes, it's just a tiny mix-up with where you've put your model file or maybe missing the right event to hook it up. Also, peek at your @Mod.EventBusSubscriber setup; it's gotta be listening in the right place. And don't forget to place your model file in the exact right spot with the correct naming. If in doubt, the Forge docs or forum threads can be super helpful.

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Posted (edited)

I Solved it. It was a code problem. I re-created a registry models method. Now The method takes in parameters List of items converted to array and registers models for each item separately

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