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Forge loader/client is lagging on curse fore app, but other loaders on curse forge(like fabric or vanilla) are perfectly normal.

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Completely out of the blue my forge loader is lagging, although at 120 fps. Like when I turn it lags, or hit mobs it lags, or run sometimes although staying at 120 fps.

I found another person having a similar problem: 


But there was no solution I dont think. I tried everything from: 

1. Updating my computer

2. Updating/reinstalling forge

3. Testing if allocated memory was problem (if it was low or high or mid nothing changed)

4. Adding various performance mods

5. Deleting most of my profiles if storage was a problem.


Really not sure what to do next or if forge is just broken for ever for me now. I am on mac btw.

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If you're experiencing lag with the Forge client on CurseForge but not with other loaders, it could be a specific issue with Forge or how it interacts with your Mac. Since you've tried updating and adjusting memory allocation without success, consider checking for any Forge-specific settings that might affect performance. Also, exploring forums for Mac users running Forge might reveal some Mac-specific tweaks. Another idea is to reach out to the Forge community directly for advice, as they might have insights specific to your setup.

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