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[1.6.4]Need help to finish capes [semi working source]


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Been working on a cape system for my minecraft mod because capes are awesome, I got it working but there is one problem, back in 1.5.2 I had a system where I could have a cape of resolution 176x136, And now I cannot get it at all to work with that resolution.


Here is a screenshot as to how it looks now:





And this is what it use to look like:





As seen different from the 2 pictures the newer version of the cape is broken....very very broken... Any info on how to fix this would be very helpful x.x


Here is the complete source of the capes:

Nexion Capes v1.0.0 Opensource


Also if anyone just wants to use this in their own mod you are welcome to, just gota change it up a bit to make it work for your mod ;)


Forge Version: & And any other version below 1.6.4

A modder uses search for solutions, a coder asks for help only after looking into the main source of the game modding. A master java programmer has solutions and is helpful. Be friendly to others, they will be friendly to you (depending on how their day goes ;) )

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