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Enigmatica 2 Expert Crash

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Good day,
I've been playing E2E v1.90g for a couple months now in a new world and just today after attempting to launch the instance on Curseforge it immediately crashed and gave me error code 1. Multiple attempts of trying to start it and still no luck. I tried reinstalling the modpack, but even before I added any files it still would crash. I was still able to successfully launch RL Craft if that means anything. It seems just E2E will not load. If anyone has some advice on how I could fix this I would be truly grateful. I've already got over 200 hours in that world and I really want to finish it!

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Alright, so that did work, I was able to actually launch the game and even join the world I had been playing on. I did encounter an issue at first though where shortly after loading in the game would spike my CPU usage to max and I'd get less than 1 fps. It may of just been a one-time thing since after restarting my computer and launching it again it appears to be working fine. Also, as I understand it, as long as I don't join any servers the mod serializationisbad being removed shouldn't be an issue right? Thank you very much for your help so far. I truly appreciate it!

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