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[1.18.2] Custom armor set extending DyeableArmorItem is dye-able, but not displaying

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Title explains it all, I think.

I'm attempting to make an armor set that extends from DyeableArmorItem instead of ArmorItem and for some reason the armor model's color is not changing in-game. While the dye crafting recipes work, the resulting "tint colors" are not showing up on my character or on the inventory icon (except for the "Dyed" tag).

Any assistance?

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Edited post title to be more direct in hopes of obtaining accurate responses. The previous title gives off impressions of stupidity. Then again, it was around 1AM when I posted this at first, sooo...
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On 5/15/2024 at 3:12 PM, Toasterkid said:

Your files are named like this?

  • armormaterial_layer_1.png
  • armormaterial_layer_1_overlay.png
  • armormaterial_layer_2.png
  • armormaterial_layer_2_overlay.png

Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, my armor textures are named as such, although the overlay PNGs are just fully transparent images because I wanted the entire armor to be dyed. Not just only certain areas like how leather armor has it.

leather armor overlays are the sole reason I'm trying to do this lol.

EDIT: Only the items have overlay textures, unsure what to do with the armor textures because I can't access Vanilla's own PNG files. For some reason...

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Update on the above: Just tried creating blank (fully transparent) armor overlay layers named similarly to what Toasterkid specified, no changes. I wish this was as simple as just editing *.json  data files in the same way I could put layering on the "item in hand" models but apparently Minecraft is not gonna be easy about this one.

Using CTRL+F to search the vanilla DyeableLeatherItem and DyeableArmorItem for words such as "layer", "overlay", and "color" doesn't help much either. Might be something with the Forge getArmorTexture() method but I'm not sure how to do layering with those, since all that method is meant to return is a single String value.

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