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Server Can't Keep Up Help

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I'm playing on 1.20.1, I keep seeing this error in the latest log as my game's ticks stop updating and everything stops moving. I have a hunch it might be one of my generation mods since I've been messing with those lately but I honestly can't tell, any help is appreciated. I can provide my mod list as well, that just might take me a minute, I also don't actually have a crash report as it just stops working and I have to shut it off with the task manager or I get stuck on the saving world screen for eternity.

Latest Log:  https://pastebin.com/9SZmNewQ

(I also suspect this may be the case since my Cobblemon game also had the same issue after adding Incendium I think?) My pc has been able to handle my probably excessive amount of mods in the past so something has gone awry recently.

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MCA Reborn is doing something weird with their zombies and the game just dies with it included after a while, any help on why that is would be cool but for now I'm removing it.

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Removing that didn't do much as I last saw but I can check again real quick, turning off MCA's zombie configs seemed to be a temporary fix as I've been testing things.

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Removed T&T and put MCA's settings back to normal, it seems to still be looking for the MCA entities in the log but I don't see the ticks slowing. I did look in the MCA issues forum just now and apparently the looking for entities bit is "minecraft being minecraft" didn't think it'd be T&T though, thanks that did seem to fix it

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