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How to remove a given recipe when only provided its ResourceLocation?

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Getting back into modding, the last time I seriously modded was almost 6 years ago.  I'm pretty rusty and a lot has changed.  What I'm trying to do right now is right a method that can remove an item's recipe using only said item's ResourceLocation as an input.

From what I've gathered from older examples online it seems like the preferred method to do this involves using a DummyRecipe as that breaks the least amount of stuff (such as achievements related to a given item).

The problem I'm having is that most of these examples are quite dated, usually being for 1.12.

It seems that enough of the methods have changed for 1.18.2 forge that the implementation will be quite different, and that is what I'm struggling with so right now.  The basic concepts are still the same, but some of the classes I need to reference and what methods are where on said classes has been swapped around, and its giving me trouble.


I'm sure I could figure it out after a few days, but I figured it would make sense to ask for help as that may expedite the process.


Thanks in advance.

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